BONN: Guitar duo Kassung & Marziali

Kulturzentrum Hardtberg, Rochusstraße 276, 53123 Bonn

"Suites from old and new times"

The guitar duo Tobias Kassung and Luciano Marziali have already thrilled audiences several times at concerts at the Kulturzentrum Hardtberg. Most recently, they presented their highly acclaimed recording of Italian film music "Il Cinema" in Bonn in 2019. Now they presented their new programme "Suites from old and new times"..

Suites have been shaping the work of composers for more than 400 years and - like hardly any other musical form - have retained their relevance throughout the centuries right up to the present day. What makes this form so special? What is the attraction of this wonderful sequence of different dances? Kassung & Marziali shed light on this in their usual virtuoso and at the same time entertaining way with suites by George Frideric Handel, John Dowland, Mathias Duplessy, Nino Rota and the world premiere of Tobias Kassung's new piece "Suite brève".