New: Sheet music edition of the Buenos Aires Fantasie I

The sheet music edition of the Buenos Aires Fantasie I by Tobias Kassung is finally finished and is available here as a free download. Many thanks to the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia for making it possible for the composer to complete this project with the scholarship "Auf geht's" within the framework of the Corona Pandemic.

Likewise, thanks to KSG Edition Köln, which also offers the sheet music for sale as a wonderful, bound printed edition. You can order the bound edition with the original signature of the composer (and dedication on request) simply by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You will then receive the printed edition by post as well as an invoice for 14,90 plus 3,- Euro shipping, which you can conveniently pay by bank transfer after receiving the sheet music.

All parts and the score are also offered here as a free download:

Tobias Kassung: Buenos Aires Fantasie I, op 13 for violin, guitar and double bass (alternatively violoncello):
Double Bass
Violoncello (alternatively)

Please note that in the case of public performances or recordings, the composer and the title must be reported exactly to the performing rights society of your country. For example the PRS in the UK, GEMA in Germany, SACEM in France, ASCAP in the United States. Only under this condition can the scores be made available here free of charge.

But now enjoy playing this wonderful piece!

A video with the Buenos Aires Fantasy - played by the Astor Trio - is available here:

You can find detailed information about the process of creating the Buenos Aires Fantasie here:

Tobias Kassung on the Buenos Aires Fantasie:

For many years I have been preoccupied with expanding the chamber music repertoire for classical guitarists. Together with my two colleagues, violinist Alexander Prushinskiy and double bassist Stanislav Anischenko, we form the Astor Trio. A classical trio with an unusual instrumentation and an unusual programme. From the very beginning, the music of Astor Piazzolla has had a firm place in our repertoire. Over the years, many arrangements of his works have been created. In 2012, our album "Bach & Piazzolla" was released, on which we combined the music of these two ingenious composers.

Out of this impulse, it has long been a wish of mine to write my own pieces for the Astor Trio. To this day, I am still preoccupied by how much the music of the baroque period and Piazzolla's artful tango compositions resemble each other in structure and compositional techniques, even though both are so different and so far apart in time.
The "Estaciones Portenas" by Astor Piazzolla have always fascinated me in particular. These four pieces - Primavera Portena, Verano Porteno, Otono Porteno and Invierno Porteno - are a musical homage to the four seasons in Buenos Aires. I myself arranged the four Portenas for the Cologne Classical Ensemble between 2003-2005, and in 2009 my arrangements for this 8-piece chamber ensemble were published by Tonos.
Looking at the Astor Trio, it quickly became clear that a reduction of the Estaciones Portenas for our trio instrumentation would not be musically satisfying. Too many independent instruments were involved here. Piazzolla himself originally wrote the Estaciones Portenas for his Quintetto Tango Nuevo, consisting of bandoneon, violin, piano, electric guitar and double bass.

With this, however, my goal was clear: I wanted to write a homage to Astor Piazzolla, which in the end would develop into a suite of four movements and reinterpret the cyclical nature of the four seasons. I started the first part in 2016 and wrote down the first version as Buenos Aires Fantasie I quite quickly. The piece remained unplayed for a longer time before I completely revised it in 2019 and made some improvements together with my colleagues in the Astor Trio. Since then, the piece has become a permanent and popular part of our repertoire.
However, I still had to transfer some corrections, fingerings and playing instructions into the sheet music before I really had a print-ready version. It's a job I always like to put off, because it's very time-consuming and not very creative, but it has to be all the more meticulous for that.
The grant from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, with which the Ministry of Culture and Science 2021 supported numerous artists with their projects in the difficult times of the Corona pandemic, was also the decisive help for me. Now I was finally able to devote myself to editing the Buenos Aires Fantasia I during this period of low performance and complete this printed edition for professional stage use.

In addition to the original instrumentation for violin, guitar and double bass, there is also an alternative part developed for violoncello in place of the double bass.
Both variants have their own charms and I would actually give only a slight preference to the version with double bass. And only if a good bassist can master this piece without any problems.
We recorded the Buenos Aires Fantasie I with the Astor Trio and the recordings are easily available on the internet. I therefore recommend listening to these recordings and then dealing with the sheet music and the rehearsal.


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