Svetlana Shtraub


Born into a family of musicians in 1979 in Kazakhstan, Svetlana Straub received her first violin lessons with six years.

In 1994 she changed from her local music school to the music college of her hometown Ust-Kamenogorsk and in 1996 she was accepted at the specialised highschool and music academy of Novosibirsk. There she concluded her studies in 1999 with Prof. Elena Baskina with best results. In 2005 Svetlana Straub continued her studies at the Hochschule für Musik Köln (Cologne) with Prof. Daskalakis and in 2009 she received her Diploma also with best results.

Svetlana Straub was awarded with a scholarship granted by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in 2005 and received first prizes at the violin competition in  Perm and the International Glasunov Competition in Moskow. Among others she attended master classes with Zakhar Bron, Igor Osim, Rainer Kussmaul, Vadim Repin and Boris Gorenstein. Concerts as chamber and orchestra musician took her to the famous venues in Moskow, St. Petersburg, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt and many other cities. She is a sought-after violinist with the Kölner Kammerorchester, the Düsseldorfer Symphoniker, the Dortmunder Philharmoniker and many more. Her passion belongs to chamber music, which she persues with the Cologne Classical Ensemble, where she forms together with her husband Alexander Prushinskiy the Arisva Quartet.


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Astor Trio:
Bach & Piazzolla
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  Astor Trio:
Gershwin & deFalla
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  Duo Kravets-Kassung:
Lieder Songs & Canciones
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  Duo Kassung-Marziali:
Il Cinema
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Luciano Marziali:
Mia amata Italia
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  Tobias Kassung:
Five Centuries
Order-No.: KSG 67010
  Luciano Marziali:
Spanish & Latinamerican music
Order-No.: KSG 67018
  Tobias Kassung:
Bach, Villa-Lobos & Walton
Order-No.: KSG 67003