Lena Kravets


Lena Kravets, born in Tashkent, lives in Cologne and works as a freelance musician. Since 2011 she has been a member of the Cologne Classical Ensemble, where she established the Duo Kravets-Kassung. She also plays cello in the Astor Trio.

She works regularly with the Cologne Chamber Orchestra and the New Rhenish Chamber Orchestra as well as with well-known artists from rock and pop music. Lena Kravets grew up in a family of musicians in which, in addition to classical music, rock, jazz and blues were also enthusiastically listened to and played. At the age of six she got her first piano lessons at the “W. A. Uspenskiy“ Music high school for gifted children. A few years later she discovered the violoncello for herself, and her love for this beautiful instrument determined her artistic career from then on.

At the age of 12 she was the section leader in the youth chamber orchestra "Young Talents from Uzbekistan" and a few years later Lena Kravets was invited as an orchestral musician and soloist for numerous appearances in the large concert halls of the capital Tashkent. In the various orchestral projects she demonstrated her musical talent, ambition and professionalism in such a way that at the age of sixteen she was already employed in the orchestra of the Opera Studio at the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan, and in 2004 she filled a temporary position at the Municipal Symphony Orchestra of Tashkent. In addition to playing the cello, Lena Kravets pursued her second great passion, singing. At the age of fourteen she had her first professional vocal appearances at the jazz festival "Children’s Jazz Way". During her school days, many more appearances on the city's big stages with the State Big Band of Tashkent followed.

Lena Kravets studied at the Cologne University of Music with Laurentiu Sbarcea, where she received her artistic diploma in 2014 with distinction. In 2011 she established the Duo Kravets-Kassung with  guitarist Tobias Kassung in the Cologne Classical Ensemble.


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Astor Trio:
Bach & Piazzolla
Order-No.: KSG 67025
  Astor Trio:
Gershwin & deFalla
Order-No.: KSG 67033
  Duo Kravets-Kassung:
Lieder Songs & Canciones
Order-No.: KSG 67036
  Duo Kassung-Marziali:
Il Cinema
Order-No.: KSG 67040
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Luciano Marziali:
Mia amata Italia
Order-No.: KSG 67037
  Tobias Kassung:
Five Centuries
Order-No.: KSG 67010
  Luciano Marziali:
Spanish & Latinamerican music
Order-No.: KSG 67018
  Tobias Kassung:
Bach, Villa-Lobos & Walton
Order-No.: KSG 67003