Stanislav Anischenko

Double bass

The twice ARD-laureate Prof. Stanislav Anischenko is one of the exceptional double bass players of his generation.

Born in 1983 he began his cello studies at the age of nine in Minsk (Belarus). In 1996 he began his studies at the conservatory, and in 1999 he decided to study with additional double bass Prof. Nikolai Kriwosheew. Soon the bass was the only instrument he wanted to learn. Already in his first year Stanislav Anischenko won the national competition in Grodno (Belarus). In 2004 he continued his studies at the "Hochschule für Musik" in Nuremberg with Prof. Marc Dorin.

During his studies he won several prizes in various competitions. These also include the diploma at the International Competition Markneukirchen (2005), the special prize at the ARD Competition in Munich (2003), 1st Prize at the International Competition in Brno (2008) and the 2nd Price with the special prize at the ARD International Competition in Munich (2009). Stanislav Anischenko attended master classes with artists such as Vladimir Perlin, Leonid Kerbel, Gavriel Lipkind, Jerome Pernoo, Jeff Bradetich, Michael Wolf, Vassilis Papavassilou and Janne Saksala, as well as chamber music ensembles such as the Kuss Quartet and the St. Petersburg String Quartet. In addition to solo and chamber music, he often plays in various orchestras. In the period 2007-2009 Stanislav Anischenko was solo bassist at the Stuttgart State Opera. Since September 2009 he has been principal bass player with the WDR-Sinfonieorchester Köln (Cologne).

Since October 2014 Stanislav Anischenko is Professor for double bass at the "Hochschule für Musik" in Detmold.


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