The Astor Trio

Violin, guitar and double bass meet in the Astor Trio. Alexander Prushinskiy, Tobias Kassung and Stanislav Anischenko have played their way into the elite of German chamber music ensembles with this unusual line-up.

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Duo Kravets-Kassung

In 2011 Lena Kravets and Tobias Kassung established their duo in the Cologne Classical Ensemble. With the rare combination of cello and guitar, they develop very individual programs and inspire audiences in numerous concerts across Germany.

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Arisva Quartet

The Arisva quartet is the permanent quartet of Cologne Classical Ensemble. It was established under the musical leader and first violinist Alexander Prushinskiy together with Svetlana Shtraub as 2nd violinist, altist Aliaksandr Senazhenski and cellist Risto Rajakorpi.

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Duo Kassung & Marziali

The duo of the Italian guitarist Luciano Marziali and the German guitarist Tobias Kassung is one of the great insider tips in the classical music scene. Both musicians have been at home as soloists and chamber musicians on the international stage for many years and know each other from their time together at the Cologne Music University.

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Piano trio and quintets

Together with the pianist Tatiana Prushinskaya, the musicians of the Arisva String Quartet form top-class programs for piano trio and piano quintet. Together with the guitarist Tobias Kassung, the Arisva string quartet is dedicated to guitar quintets by Boccherini and Castelnuovo-Tedesco.

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Our CD recordings

All albums by our artists and ensembles are published exclusively by KSG Exaudio. Order the CDs conveniently here using our online form, each for 15 euros including postage within Germany, excluding postage outside Germany.

67025 Titel small    67033 Titel small   67036 Titel small    67040 Il Cinema front small 
Astor Trio:
Bach & Piazzolla
Order-No.: KSG 67025
  Astor Trio:
Gershwin & deFalla
Order-No.: KSG 67033
  Duo Kravets-Kassung:
Lieder Songs & Canciones
Order-No.: KSG 67036
  Duo Kassung-Marziali:
Il Cinema
Order-No.: KSG 67040
 67037 Titel small   ksgexaudio67010 small    ksgexaudio67018 small   ksgexaudio67003 small 
Luciano Marziali:
Mia amata Italia
Order-No.: KSG 67037
  Tobias Kassung:
Five Centuries
Order-No.: KSG 67010
  Luciano Marziali:
Spanish & Latinamerican music
Order-No.: KSG 67018
  Tobias Kassung:
Bach, Villa-Lobos & Walton
Order-No.: KSG 67003